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condition: new
size / dimensions: 96.5 cm X 28 cm X 30.5 cm

(1)Makes True Cold Pressed Edible Oil Laden with Vitamin A and micro-nutrients that can
command premium prices for you.
(2) Produces Highly Coveted Protein Rich Livestock Meal that boosts Milk and Meat production.
(3) Can be used to create Free Fuel Pellets or Bio-Diesel Fuel.
(4) Makes More Product using Less Energy and Power


* PROCESSES UP TO 237 METRIC TONS OF SEED ANNUALLY (It makes 99,000 L/yr of canola oil ; 62,000 L/yr for
Sunflower; 80,000 L/yr for nuts)
* RUNS 24 HOURS/DAY , DAY AFTER DAY The key to getting high extraction rates is to crush seed and nuts slow
enough that the oil has a chance to run away. With suitable hoppers, the precision press is designed to work without
* TRUE COLD PRESSING The Precision Press works by pressure not friction. So, the oil is cool to the touch and never
exceeds 54C to preserve nutrients.
* VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE (VFD) MOTOR Supplies just the right amount of torque to efficiently extract the most
oil while saving electricity.
* USES KSh 377,000 - KSh 1,309,000 LESS ELECTRICITY EVERY 5 YEARS (see below)
* IT LASTS AND LASTS The Press parts boast a Rockwell 62-64 Hardness, which is as hard as steel can get! Brute bearings
are rated for a massive 150,000 N of thrust. German Motor is rated for continuous duty.
* IS COMPACT: 79Kg, 96.5cm long x 28cm wide x 30.5cm high.

CONTINUED... PRECISON PRESS SAVES KSh 377,000-1,309,000 every 5 years.
Here the proof: Practically speaking, the worst thing to crush is a soybean. They are hard as rocks and don't have much oil inside. Our VFD has to supply extra energy to the motor to get the job done. The precision cold press will use 21.3 Kwhr/day to crush 385 Kg of soy beans per day or 18 kg per Kwhr.

A competitive Chinese "extrusion press" will do 1100 kg/per day on 3.75 Kw. This includes 750 watts of seed heating. This amounts to only 12.2 kg per Kwhr.

So let's compare the electric cost of crushing an average of 385 kg per day for 5 years. It works out to 18,500 Kwhr less electricity or Ksh 377,000 less at a kilowatt hour rate of 20.3 KSh/Kwhr. And this assumes you don't have to repress the meal to get all the oil out.

The cheap Chinese "extrusion presses" are not very energy efficient because they work by mechanically heating the seed with friction. They are designed not much differently than a plastic extrusion press which heats up plastic pellets with an auger. They don't produce as much oil either.

To prove it, I show pictures taken on actual US farms showing farmers having to run "extrusion presses" in series. That is they have to press the seed meal twice. They get about ¾ ths of a gallon from a bushel of soybeans in the first pressing and 1/4th of a gallon from the second pressing. These presses each have each have 10 HP motors. Five additional KW of seed heating is used on the front end to do 5400 kg of seed per day

Our press gets a little over a gallon of soy oil per gallon with a single pressing.

So if you are using a cheap Chinese extrusion press, you may have to repress the meal at 3 Kw to get the last oil out. (The meal is already hot, so you should not have to heat the meal). This would bring the efficacy down to 6.8 Kg/Kwhr and the total 5 year energy savings to 64,500 Kwhr or Ksh 1,309,000. These are just rough estimates.

But right now the precision press is available for shipment from the US, FOB factory with the lowest delivered cost to Nairobi. The current cost is Ksh 926,000 plus freight to your location.

Our Kenyan phone does not get reliable coverage while we are in the United States.

You can call US phone number on this posting using "WhatsApp". Your time is 8 hours ahead of me. Our US number is +1 seven1five too-seven-nine zero-ate-90

I think this is a HUGE opportunity since Kenya only supplies a 3rd of it's own cooking oil. So there is ready demand. Furthermore, I think expansion of the dairy industry will dive demand for oil seed protein.

I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to get a great high efficiency oil press.

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